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#65 Mufasa, Portal 2, and the End of Everything – Midwest Nerds Podcast

April 17th, 2011 by

This is the shortest time to post that we have ever had. Burns apparently turned on the nitro after recording earlier and uploaded this thing nice and quick-like. On the show this week we talk about Portal 2 being released early if we all try really hard. Dead Rising 2 is taking a mulligan. Why? Because they screwed up the first one. A lot of people are upset about this because it violates the first rule of school yard zombie-kill’n – no takesie-backsies.

The Wii 2 has been the topic of a lot of new rumors going around this past week. We sift through them and let you know which ones to believe. Spoiler Alert: none of them. Burns goes on another rant about “hardcore” PC gamers and then talks about a game that will ruin his life. His marriage, job, and home will all be gone but at least he’ll have blue space boobs to oogle. Steve finishes off the show by answering Joel’s question that he teased last week in his zombie tip.

See you next week.
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#62 Yesterday was Thursday (Thursday) – Midwest Nerds Podcast

March 23rd, 2011 by

We-we-we so excited to talk about the emotional breakdown Rebecca Black is going to have after reading all of the YouTube comments about her “hit” song Friday. We also so excited to discuss the freak out that the internet had over a BioWare employee giving Dragon Age II a good review on Metacritic. Speaking of which, everyone should go rate us in iTunes: We sure as hell did. That included five full stars and a glowing review. Whatcha gonna do about it Internet? Noth’n!

You know what else you’re not going to do anything about? Blue shells. Last week Hideki Konna, the man behind Mario Kart, defended the blue shell to Kotaku. This week the Midwest Nerds, four dudes who know nothing about making games, give their thoughts about that spiky little bastard. An email from Nick is good for a few laughs, where he discusses the emotional place he was in during a recent life decision (or cell phone purchase, but whatever). Also making the list this week is discrimination in gaming – we talk about a study done by the video games research center at MIT about hate speech in multiplayer gaming. It ties in nicely with an article Nick posted here a few weeks ago. Steve finishes things off by kick’n in the back seat with his Zombie Tip of the Week.

Until next week, keep Partyin’, Partyin’ (Yeah)

Midwest Nerds Episode #37 – The 3 Hour Super-Show

June 23rd, 2010 by

This week we bring you sad news from the zombie front. Steve is dead. Not really, but he is absent from the show this week. He is probably passed out from too much partying over the two shows that were sans Joel. Speaking of Joel, he’s back this week. So I won’t blame you if the decision is made to not listen to the show ever again. All seriousness aside, it’s good to have Joel back.

We start the show off with a semi Tour de Blogz. Sony and Nintendo’s E3 press conferences are what we spend most of our time on. If you didn’t catch our rundown of Microsoft’s press conference you can listen to it on last weeks show.

On Recent and Rediscovered we actually have a bunch of games to talk about for the first time in weeks. E3 must have rekindled the flames of gaming that were lying dormant deep within us all along… or we just stopped being too lazy to pick up a controller. Super Mario Galaxy 2, Mass Effect 2 Overlord DLC, Locke’s Quest, Infinite Space, Bioshock 2, WoW, and Prince of Persia (note: not the new one) have all been enjoyed this week. We also talk about Heavy Rain since Joel just finished his “interactive drama” experience. If you have also experienced Heavy Rain, or if you don’t ever plan to, stick around after the ending tune to hear a seriously spoiler-tastic hour long discussion of the different decisions and endings from each of our playthroughs.

Steve is gone this week but his wisdom remains. Nick reads off a note sent from the expert himself so that we may not be deprived of a Zombie Tip of the Week.