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#65 Mufasa, Portal 2, and the End of Everything – Midwest Nerds Podcast

April 17th, 2011 by

This is the shortest time to post that we have ever had. Burns apparently turned on the nitro after recording earlier and uploaded this thing nice and quick-like. On the show this week we talk about Portal 2 being released early if we all try really hard. Dead Rising 2 is taking a mulligan. Why? Because they screwed up the first one. A lot of people are upset about this because it violates the first rule of school yard zombie-kill’n – no takesie-backsies.

The Wii 2 has been the topic of a lot of new rumors going around this past week. We sift through them and let you know which ones to believe. Spoiler Alert: none of them. Burns goes on another rant about “hardcore” PC gamers and then talks about a game that will ruin his life. His marriage, job, and home will all be gone but at least he’ll have blue space boobs to oogle. Steve finishes off the show by answering Joel’s question that he teased last week in his zombie tip.

See you next week.
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Midwest Nerds Podcast #21 – Like, Totally Radical Dude

February 17th, 2010 by

Grab a beer and listen up cuz MWN just turned 21 baby!!! We can finally get rid of the fake id we got from one of  the older podcasts. We celebrate our ability to uphold the law this week with a feature discussing the recent events in the social network world.  In Recent and Rediscovered we dip into the Mass Effectses, God of War, the original Uncharted, and Beatles Rock Band.  X-Box Game Room, NPDs. Deus Ex, and Fable III are in the news in our weekly Tour de Blogz.  We also talk about playing with our sausages on the iphone….. yeah, we go there.

Midwest Nerds Podcast #21

Special thanks to our house band this week, “The Ride Theory”. Check them out at