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Midwest Nerds Podcast #23 – Apple Juice and Genre Bending

March 1st, 2010 by

Stuff gets real yet again this week as we wax philosophical about genre bending in games. Before that though, we do our weekly Tour de Blogz where we talk about a lawsuit filed against Sony for discriminating against the blind. Also in the news this week: Steam gets made over like a high school girl before the prom, Fallout : New Vegas plot details surface, ME2 Firewalker DLC is coming in March, and fans boycott the new Sonic… kind of.

In Recent and Rediscovered we find out that Steve has been hitting the DLC pretty hard this week with RE5: Lost in the Nightmare and Dragon Age: Return to Ostagar. We also talk about Demon’s Souls and the interactive drama that is Heavy Rain. We top off the show with our Zombie Tip of the Week. And don’t worry folks, Steve remembered to take his meds this week so no time traveling zombie raptors. We promise.

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