MWN#89 – Of Dice and Men

January 16th, 2012 by

MWN#89 - Of Dice and Men

This week on the Midwest Nerds podcast…

You’ll want to stick around for the second half of the show, as the nerds discuss the potential for a new Dungeons and Dragons edition, then have a… um… spirited debate about which CURRENT version of DnD is supreme. Nerdfight supreme.

Also on the show this week:
-Jason has discovered his ONE gripe with Skyrim
-CES happened, not many people noticed
-Diablo 3… not just for PC’s anymore
-Men behaving badly on the internet

Plus Steve’s zombie tip of the week, and by listener request Steve also shares his favorite prank he’s ever pulled on somebody. It’s all in this week’s Midwest Nerd Podcast, download it to your braindome.

Break Song: Rise Against – Savior

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