MWN #99 – Baker’s Hotline for Troubled Youth

April 9th, 2012 by

MWN #99 - Baker’s Hotline for Troubled Youth

This week… on the Midwest Nerds Podcast:

We’re ONE episode away from a hundred kids. We have no idea how it happened either. We started this thing as 4 starry-eyed dreams with a dream and a skype connection, and we wound up 4 incredibly jaded professional gaming and geek culture critics with fans, fame, and internet celebrity status the world over. Some of that last sentence is true, the overwhelming majority of it is not.

Also, we talk about Kickstarter in greater detail this week, as TONS of really gaming projects are getting the “Tim Shafer” bump. Nick Baker reveals his “plan B” if this internet radio thing doesn’t work out, and we dive into:

-Star Wars Kinect abominations
-A world without used games
-Sweet ways to customize your phone
-The next big thing on fitocracy (for Midwest Nerds fans)

Plus, Steve will once again share his tips for staying alive when the dead rise this December (2012, it’s totally happening). WE ARE ONE EPISODE AWAY FROM #100, WE ARE SCARED AND YOU SHOULD BE TOO.

Break Song – Lake Street Dive – Hello? Goodbye!

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