MWN #98 – Revised Endings and Artistic Integrity

March 29th, 2012 by

MWN #98 - Revised Endings and Artistic Integrity

This week, on the Midwest Nerds Podcast….

The internets were conspiring to rob Nick of the opportunity to voice his thoughts on the idea of an Elder Scrolls MMO, and his stance on the subject may surprise you. Then, we dive headlong into a discussion of Bioware’s plans to “address” the concerns many have voiced about the ending of Mass Effect 3 (for those of you worried about spoilers, 100% spoiler free guarantee).

Also this week:
-The most balanced source for gaming news, EVER
-Fake money, real video cards
-Listener emails, comments, questions
-Stevepocalypse Now, AKA Steve’s zombie tip of the week

Plus, we do make reference to one political thing that happened in the news this week. We’re not a political show, we don’t endorse a political candidate, so please don’t say we’re “biased elite liberal media”. It is our official stance that Republican, Democrat, Independant… none of these will matter in the future when there wil be a TRUE two party system: Zombie Food, and the Un-eaten. The Midwest Nerds Podcast, come get a taste.

Break Song: The Decemberists – Don’t Carry it All

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