MWN #93 – Incorrection Assertions and Scandalous Slander

February 22nd, 2012 by

MWN #93 - Incorrection Assertions and Scandalous Slander

This week, on the Midwest Nerds Podcast…

Joel’s back, and in the first half of the show, he shares some scandalous opinions about Burnsie’s favorite game franchise. Words are exchanged, families are threatened, and pets are taken hostage. This then leads to a discussion about Kat Bailey’s Joystiq article on the nature of JRPG’s, and do they REALLY need a good story?

Also featured this week:
-Mass Effect 3 game copies, IN SPACE
-Notch (The developer of Minecraft) asks the Internet to chill out a bit
-Is Xbox Live DOOMED without indie developers?
-Is Resident Evil still Resident Evil?

Plus Steve’s Zombie Tip of the Week. Straight from the interweb tubes to your braindome, it’s the Midwest Nerds Podcast.

Owlsey – Undone is the break song

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