MWN #91 – Bad Fiction, New Addictions, and the Ol’ Mailbag

February 8th, 2012 by

Midwest Nerds Podcast #91 - Bad Fiction, New Addictions, and the Ol' Mailbag

This week on the Midwest Nerds podcast…

This week, resident Trek super fan Burnsie discusses Star Trek: Online, now that it’s gone free to play. This makes two episodes in a row where something Trek is discussed. We promise not to make that a habit.

Also, the Mass Effect fans have pointed out that the latest officially licensed novel has some errors in it. And by some, one on every other page, apparrently. The nerds’ response to this may not be what you expect. Except Baker’s, he clearly couldn’t care less.

-We answer several listener emails/ comments
-Is there a new feature coming to the show called “Joel Gifford confirms?”
-Steve’s Zombie tip

And a song during the break by a band called Lightfoot. Seriously, really good stuff. You should check them out, and we’re not just saying that because a faithful podcast listener is a member of the band. Download this episode, then tell 5 friends and two enemies how much you can’t live another moment without the latest audio goodness from the Midwest Nerds!

Break song: City Girls – Lightfoot

Check out Lightfoot’s EP Scarlet Sails on Amazon, iTunes, or on their website.

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