Midwest Nerds Podcast #92 – Adventures in Kickstarting

February 13th, 2012 by

Midwest Nerds Podcast #92 - Adventures in Kickstarting

This week, on the Midwest Nerds Podcast…

Tim Schafer uses his rockstar gaming celebrity, and cunning guile, and… the internet to raise a metric crap-ton of money for his next project: an adventure game. This week the nerds talk about what this means for Schafer, gaming, and what other nearly dead game genres should be kickstarted.

Also on the show this week:
-Alienware’s new “console”
-Battleship, the game based on the movie, based on the game
-Bethesda’s Game Jam Sizzle Reel (BOOMSHAKALAKA)
-What some crafty Minecraft modders are up to now

Plus, as ordered by the fans, we’ve had Joel killed. That… or he couldn’t join us because of work or something. And Steve’s Zombie Tip of the Week all lie within 56 minutes of the best audio you’ve never paid for (even though we keep telling you to). It’s the Midwest Nerds Podcast!

Song – Social Distortion – Story of my Life

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