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We all grew up with some exposure to construction toys such as Legos, Erector Set, Lincoln Logs, Blok, or the cheap store branded kind that really never fit together well (like me). These toys were great. Your imagination, and sometimes the number of 2×1 blocks you owned, was the limit to the creativity and fun that could be had. Everything from simple houses to castles, farm animals to dragons, or cars to spaceships were commonly created in block form out of the minds of future engineers of all stripes. Sometimes these elaborate builds were assembled in back yards, in the sandbox, among friends.

If you spend any amount of time surfing the video game blogosphere it’s hard to have missed the story of Markus Persson, his indie game developing house Mojang AB, and his first (not even finished) game called Minecraft. It is that same construction based sandbox experience we all had as children given the video game treatment. Your avatar exists in a randomly generated world full of diverse regions, benign creatures, and dangerous monsters. That’s it. It is your sandbox. You imagination takes over and you decide what is next. You decide how you will survive once the sun sets. You decide what to explore. You decide what to do/create with all of raw material you will inevitably collect.

One of the only things I loved more than playing with Legos was playing with Legos, with friends. I’ve set up a multiplayer server and would like to invite any of the fans of Midwest Nerds to join me. Anyone is invited but I will need to add your in-game name to the server whitelist before being allowed on. (After all, the internet is full of grieffing jerks that would love to destroy what we’ve built.)

If you haven’t tried Minecraft yet the classic version is free to try. If it’s something you would enjoy the beta is $20 and include multiplayer access. That’s only 125% of the price of the last CoD Map Pack you purchased! What a steal!!

Minecraft Website

Server IP:

Post your in game name in the comments or send an email zvanselow at gmail dot com to be include on the server whitelist. It would be great to have you join us!

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