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MWN #137 – Everybody Hates Comcast

August 15th, 2014 by


This week, the nerds talk about:

- The day the music died (on Twitch)
- A Comcastic Adventure with Nicholas Baker and the Codes of Despair
- Re-living some of the best “Summer Games Done Quick”
- Why Michael Bay is important this week (and how if this were a just and fair universe, none of us would know who Michael Bay even is).

Plus, the gang talks about why they’re excited to be nerds (at least the reason this week). The Midwest Nerds Podcast, 4 men on a mission to talk about stuff that’s rad.

MWN #136 – 2 Legit 2 Quit

August 4th, 2014 by

Midwest Nerds #136

This week on the Midwest Nerds Podcast:

Summer movies present and future – Joel and Jason discuss Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy – where it succeeds, where it falls short, and why it’s very existence is encouraging… if only to make sure that NOT every superhero movie tries to be Nolan’s “Dark Knight” trilogy…

Plus – the summer games slump is upon us, but the Destiny beta recently reminded gamers that hope is on the Horizon. And, if you can’t wait until september to play Bungie’s latest MMO/ kind of not MMO – there’s always the Shooter/ MMORPG Hybrid FireFall – which just finally landed on Steam Free for all to play.

MWN #135 – At What Cost?

June 5th, 2014 by

MWN #135 -  At What Cost?

This week, the Nerds have been playing Mario Kart 8, Watch Dogs, and goofing around with STEAM’s new in-home streaming (freshly out of beta).

Plus – is the $60 dollar price point actually making our games WORSE? We discuss a fantastic article from gamesindustry.biz which explores AAA games, and the expectations of millions upon millions of game sales.

And Butterfly in the sky – Reading Rainbow is on it’s way back – thanks to Kickstarter.

That’s coming from the internet to your ears on this week’s Midwest Nerds Podcast!

The Astronauts: “In 2014, $60 for a game is a little insane”
Kickstarting Reading Rainbow !!
Break Song – The Avett Brothers “Slight Figure of Speech”

MWN #134 – Earth 2 – Rebirf Da Earf

May 23rd, 2014 by

MWN #134 - Earth 2 - Rebirf Da Earf

You know what’s tired? Earth. The pollution, the wars, the overcrowding. We kinda went rockstar on this planet and it doesn’t look like we’re going to fix that anytime soon. Solution? NEW DIGITAL EARTH – from your friends at Facebook.

This week, we discuss what Facebook’s “billion user game” powered by Oculus Rift might look like, then we dive into the Titanfall player population woes, Xbone Kinectless, and the ULTIMATE heist in the stars… all from inside a game.

This week’s MWN podcast is 33% more listenable, so ch-check it out!

Facebook is making Earth “Caprica”
Ultimate drama in the ultimate player-driven MMO:

Break song: Eve 6 – Trust Me

MWN #133 – May the Fourth Wii with U

May 8th, 2014 by

MWN #133 - May the Fourth Wii with U

Since we recorded this show on May 4th, we HAVE to talk about Star Wars. It’s an internet by law that Comcast hasn’t managed to strike down yet… The nerds discuss the latest cast announcements for Episode VII, Disney’s “hacksaw approach” to the Extended Universe… and more.

Then, Wii know U have heard right now that Nintendo’s current gen console… not doing so good. But what’s surprising is how not good, and for how long. The nerds debate what’s next for Nintendo, and pose some interesting questions.

Plus EVERYONE’S GETTING FIRED, and Burns gets excited about SPACE… games… that are looking very promising.


Break me off a piece of that podcast stuff!

The J. Arthur Keenes Band – The Bus That Couldn’t Slow Down