Jun 05
- MWN #135 – At What Cost?
MWN #135 -  At What Cost?

This week, the Nerds have been playing Mario Kart 8, Watch Dogs, and goofing around with STEAM’s new in-home streaming (freshly out of beta). Plus – is the $60 dollar price point actually making our games WORSE? We discuss a fantastic article from gamesindustry.biz which explores AAA games, and the expectations of millions upon millions […]

May 23
- MWN #134 – Earth 2 – Rebirf Da Earf
MWN #134 - Earth 2 - Rebirf Da Earf

You know what’s tired? Earth. The pollution, the wars, the overcrowding. We kinda went rockstar on this planet and it doesn’t look like we’re going to fix that anytime soon. Solution? NEW DIGITAL EARTH – from your friends at Facebook. This week, we discuss what Facebook’s “billion user game” powered by Oculus Rift might look […]

May 08
- MWN #133 – May the Fourth Wii with U

Since we recorded this show on May 4th, we HAVE to talk about Star Wars. It’s an internet by law that Comcast hasn’t managed to strike down yet… The nerds discuss the latest cast announcements for Episode VII, Disney’s “hacksaw approach” to the Extended Universe… and more. Then, Wii know U have heard right now […]

Apr 24
- Episode #132 – Shut Up and Be Nice
Midwest Nerds #132 - Shut Up and Be Nice

This week, the nerds are discussing an interesting phenomenon in Blizzard’s Hearthstone – Heroes of Warcraft… is taking away player speech the only way to ensure people are civil online? Then – once casual gaming heralded the doom of hardcore games, but is the trend no headed in the opposite direction? Also – New Star […]

Apr 17
- EPISODE #131 – Bleeding Hearts and Chicken PAX
EPISODE #131 - Bleeding Hearts and Chicken PAX

This week, the Nerds re-cap the very best of this year’s PAX East – and have details about an all NEW PAX popping up in the “SouthSide”. Also – is it frustration rather than violent imagery that leads gamers to IRL rage outs? New Research reported by the BBC seems to suggest this… the nerds […]

Apr 11
- EPISODE #130 – Fools and Liars
EPISODE #130 - Fools and Liars

April Fools. Liars Day. Trust Nothing on the Web day. The nerds recap this year’s 2014 internet pranks – our favorites, and the ones that were just unfair. Amazon and Android are now ready to fight Apple, Microsoft, Sony, Roku, and everyone else who wants to stream content to your TV. Also – Steve pulls […]