Nov 26
- Midwest Nerds #142 – The Xbone Betrayal
The Xbone Betrayal

This week, another member of the Midwest Nerds gang dives into the current console generation… and double crosses a brother by switching his pledged allegiance… Also: Joel and Steve have a field report on the latest Call of Duty, Burnsie has been playing Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, and Joel has been popping energy drinks and battling […]

Oct 31
- #141 – Lost in Space

This is a podcast that Burns was supposed to mix 3 weeks ago. Instead, it was lost in space.

Sep 23
- MWN #140- Destiny & Duck Style

This week, the nerds talk all about Destiny. Is it an MMO? Is it an RPG? Is it even fun? 3 of the 4 nerds have the battle report straight from the front line, and they weigh in on the good, the bad, the lame, and the fun. Plus, we respond to a few listener […]

Sep 12
- MWN #139 – GamerGate

This week, the nerds dive into the “GamerGate” controversy and find out why no one in the gaming world is happy this week. Part real controversy, part faux controversy, and simultaneously the most important and least important thing that’s happened in gaming in a while… Plus, What we’re all looking forward to (Other than Destiny) […]

Aug 26
- MWN #138 – Not Exactly Time Lords

This week, Burns does his best to turn the rest of MWN Nation into Whovians as Peter Capaldi makes his debut as the 12th Doctor in the 51 years and counting British TV Sci-Fi epic – Doctor Who. Also: Joel needs some serious help – as he suddenly has found himself without a smartphone, Baker […]

Aug 15
- MWN #137 – Everybody Hates Comcast

This week, the nerds talk about: – The day the music died (on Twitch) – A Comcastic Adventure with Nicholas Baker and the Codes of Despair – Re-living some of the best “Summer Games Done Quick” – Why Michael Bay is important this week (and how if this were a just and fair universe, none […]